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Connecting a 2wire AT&T gateway to Linksys E3000

For the past few months I have successfully been using a brighthouse (tv, phone, internet provider) modem connected to a linksys e3000 router. The E3000 provided both wired and wireless connections to the internet through the modem.


I recently changed service providers from brighthouse to AT&T. AT&T installed a 2Wire gateway that acts as a wired and wireless router. The 2wire is a g based wireless router and I would prefer to use my new N based E3000 for wireless connections.


I have been unable to figure out how to connect (and configure) the E3000 to the AT&T 2wire gateway and get wireless access from the E3000 thru the 2wire and out to the internet. Any help would be appreciated.


Current connectivity scheme:


-------> AT&T signal----------> AT&T 2Wire gateway via coax connection --------------------> wired connection to desktop (works fine)                                                                                      |


                                                                                             2wire ethernet port----------->E3000 (internet or ethernet port ?)




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Re: Connecting a 2wire AT&T gateway to Linksys E3000

What is the IP address of AT&T 2 wire gateway?

Let's consider the IP address of 2 wire gateway is


Connect the cable from 2 wire router to the Internet port on E3000 router. Change the IP address of E3000 router to Save the settings and power cycle the router.