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Connecting a EF4116 Switch to a WRT54GS - Help!

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Goal:  Share the internet connection to more than 4 devices using the WRT300N and the EF4116.
I have a client who has a Linksys WRT300n v1 router on a cable internet line. They were running just fine on it, but have since added another PC. They now have too many device for just the one switch. I tried Cascading 2 switches (the one mentioned above and an extra WRT54GS that I had), but could not get them to work properly - second unit could not share internet. I follow the step by step guide I found on your site, but no luck.
So I purchased a Linksys EF4116 v2 Switch to allow for more devices on the small network. I was very disappointed by the lack of information in the Guide. I have tried to just plug one of the WRT300n ports directly into a port on new switch and plug the addition devices into it also - No luck. I have tried to set several devices to static IP addresses vs. DHCP, but still no luck (all devices say they have little or no connectivity).
I am tearing my hair out - HELP!!!!

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Re: Connecting a EF4116 Switch to a WRT54GS - Help!

if u want to connect wrt54gs and ef4116 to the WRT300N...go through the following steps
1) connect a computer to wrt54gs and open its web ui using ...
change the local ip add to and disable its dhcp server....
2)u can disable the wireless of the WRT54GS if u want..
2)connect WRT54GS from its LAN port 1 to the one of the LAN ports of the WRT300N...
3)connect the switch to one of the empty LAN ports of WRT300N.
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Re: Connecting a EF4116 Switch to a WRT54GS - Help!

how can I view the entire thread?  Each sentence in the reply message seems to be cut off (...) and I am unable to view everything.
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Re: Connecting a EF4116 Switch to a WRT54GS - Help!

All - I am having a similar issue as the original poster and am hoping someone can help because I too am pulling my hair out!  I am simply trying to connect a wrt300n router to an ef4116 switch to have wireless and wired connections throughout my house.  I wired the house when it was built to have data everywhere and need the switch to support the number of connections I have.  However, I seem to continuously have IP Conflicts and always have to restart everything to log onto the network.  It's almost as if the router is not dynamically assigning IP addresses yet it's set for DHCP.  Any suggestions that anyone has would be appreciated.  I am tired of always having to restart the modem and router every time I want to log on...