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Connecting linksys to fios actiontec router

About six months ago my family got verizon FiOS. They came in and set up everything and even took the liberty to remove the linksys router I had before. Well, their Actiontec router doesnt really satisfy me as well as my linksys router did before and I would like to use my linksys router instead. Unfortunately, I am not tech savvy and was hoping someone here could help me.

I tried to connect my linksys directly to the actiontec one through an ethernet cable but that did not yield any results. I have also looked on other forums but to no avail - mainly because the explanations given are way above my head and involve words like coax and throwing around abbreviations for things which I do not understand.

If someone who has maybe had a similar predicament to mine or is just knowledgable to this sort of thing could give me a ste by step explanation, it would be greatly appreciated!

please remember I am not very savvy in the technology area, so please dumb it down. Smiley Happy

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Connecting linksys to fios actiontec router

Hi... 1st plug a PC directly to the Linksys router alone. Then on this particular PC... open up internet explorer (it's ok if it says "page could not be displayed")... and type on the address bar  just the following numbers: (username just leave it blank, password as a default is admin)...
This process should bring you to a Linksys page... look for something labeled as the "Local IP Address" or the LAN IP Address... if the value is change this to then save the settings... (page would not be displayed after this.. again that's ok).....
Then go to the DOS prompt (start---run---type in cmd) .... and type the command ipconfig/release (hit enter)... and then ipconfig/renew (hit enter).....
Next connect the Actiontech router to the internet/WAN port of the Linksys router. Then do a powercycle. That is turn off all of the devices... router - modem and PC's.. then turn them on in the order of modem--routers-and PC's.......
After this process, you should now hopefully be online on the PC connected to the Linksys router.......
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Re: Connecting linksys to fios actiontec router

thank you so much...your help is greatly appreciated. Now I connect flawlessly Smiley Very Happy