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Connecting wireless IP Cameras - Port Forwarding setup?

I have following setup:
PC Vista
PC Linux
WRT350N router
WVC54GCA camera (recently purchased)
I set up an account with dynDNS to handle my dynamic IP and after some experimentation I managed to get the camera working by setting Single Port Forwarding on the router using the first line in the screen and setting it to "HTTP" from the drop down and then forwarding to the camera IP  I can access the camera from outside OK.  So far, so good.
I am considering getting another camera to add.  I tried to re-configure the Router Port Forwarding for the current camera using the first open line (line 6) on the single port forwarding screen to use port 1024.  I don't know what to put in External Port and Internal Port boxes.  Should they be the same?  The documentation is no help.  I tried various combinations generally getting the "Port Overlap" error message.  I am assuming that if I get another camera it will have to have a different port forwarded to its own IP.  Is this correct?
On the Router, settings "Upnp" and "Allow Users to Configure" are both enabled per original default settings from Linksys. 
On the Camera Upnp is Enabled.
I have no other programs using external links (as far as I know!) and no other port forwarding configured.
Where can I learn more about this kind of configuration?  Any books/manuals?  Incidentally, DynDNS was pretty painless to set up.
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Re: Connecting wireless IP Cameras - Port Forwarding setup?

Check if the WAN Ip on the router is Static or not ...
Also check that the port forwarded 1024 is working or not ...
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Re: Connecting wireless IP Cameras - Port Forwarding setup?

I have a dynamic IP thru Comcast.  I do not have 1024 set up at all.
I installed one camera using Linksys defaults - it uses port 80 and on the router port forwarding screen I used the first common line and set it to "HTTP" and pointed to the network id of the camera.  This works OK but my question is how do I configure more than one camera?
On the camera utility I can see where to enable alternate ports (1024 is default) but I don't understand what to do on the router.  Everything I try gives a "Port overlap" error.  Shouldn't I be able to configure my current camera to use port 1024 instead of 80?
What should the port forwarding router setup screen look like?