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Registered: ‎06-12-2008

Default SSID for E1200

I am installing a new E1200 for a friend and I noticed that the default SSID is GoldTiger where the manual says it should be

ciscoxxxxx.  Does this indicate that the router has been set up before and maybe I should reset it to it's default state before proceeding?



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Re: Default SSID for E1200

where did you notice the SSID, GoldTiger? did you run the setup CD? it is more likely that your computer picked up that wireless signal, from a nearby access point.

if your computer only has a wired connection and it picked up that SSID of GoldTiger while you are running the setup CD or setting it up using the setup page, then yes, it is possible that someone already setup the router. i would suggest returning it to your retail store just to make sure that you are getting a new router, and not one that has been returned by a customer in case it had a previous defect/problem

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Re: Default SSID for E1200

it may have probably been set up before. you may just reset it just to be sure that there are no other altered settings. just use the "Factory Defaults" tab under Administration,
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Registered: ‎06-12-2008

Re: Default SSID for E1200

I saw the SSID both from Cisco Connect and by browsing to from a hardwire conection.  I think I will try resetting the router to factory defaults and changing the SSID before taking it back to the store. 



Thanks for your help.