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Discovering actual connected devices [E2000]

The only place I can find viewing devices on the network seems to be -



Except this seems to show inactive devices as well as active.  Also - when a wireless device goes OFF - it stays in the list and then shows up as being on LAN!!!


At first this was really confusing to me as I had two devices listed for one desktop Mac - but then I realized it has two different MAC addresses - one for LAN, and another for WLAN.


Still - if it connected wirelessly - it should STAY wireless in the list - or disappear when it's not running on AirPort.  Smiley Indifferent

If the desktop did connect on WLAN, then it would not be connected on LAN and should drop from the LAN list that way too.


Is it me - or is this goofy?  Is there somewhere one can actually see only the live, actual devices connected - and no ghosts?



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Re: Discovering actual connected devices [E2000]

Just got done running a software update (auto notified) - and now nothing at all shows up under - Status/LocalNetwork/DHCPClientTable.  

Not even devices that were OFF and logged back in and connecting perfectly!

I'm not so sure this is an improvement.

Firmware version: 1.0.01 build 7  

Software version: 1.2.10102.1 

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Re: Discovering actual connected devices [E2000]

Other than DHCP Client Table there is no other tab which can show the devices connected to the router.

If you want you can install Linksys Network Magic software which will help you to recognize all the devices connected in the network.