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E1000v2 Speed and stability issues

Hi all

I bought a E1000v2 Wireless router, and got acceptable speeds on a Wireless-N connection of ~30MBit (still not good). Stability of the connection ok, did not drop out too much. Now as time goes by, the connection stability drops, whereby the router has to be turned off and on in order for the wireless connection to start working again (sometimes every hour). The speed has dropped to <10MBit which is very low for a Wireless-N connection, that is stated to be 130MBit in Windows Vista.


My troubleshooting

Firmware: Ver.2.1.01 (build 5) - tried to reset the router aswell and then upgrade to the newest firmware again, no effect

Changed channels to 1, 6 and 11, scanned for channels no other router was using and chose 6.


Beacon Interval: 75

Fragmentation Threshold: 2304

RTS Threshold: 2304

WPA2-Personal security

Basic Rate: All


Any suggestion to what i can do to increase stability and performance? or is this product just that slow and unstable?

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Re: E1000v2 Speed and stability issues

You have already upgraded the firmware on your router.

After upgrading the firmware on your router, it is recommended that you should reset the router and reconfigure it.

Make sure that there is enough ventilation around the router. Do not keep it under the desk and close to the walls.

Also do not place on top of other electronic device.

Try to update the drivers of the wireless adapter on your computer and see if that makes any difference.

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Re: E1000v2 Speed and stability issues

I reset the router after i upgraded the firmware and i reconfigured it as there has been posted in previous threads. The distance from the computer to the wireless router is around 3ft (1m) so that should not have any effect. I have tried with two laptops, with different drivers on both, and i still get the same speed im afraid.
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Re: E1000v2 Speed and stability issues

Are you facing the same problem on wired computer also?

Connect the computer to the router with the Ethernet cable and observe the connection on the wired computer.