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E1200, guest network when set as wireless access point

I have a Linksys E1200 that I manually set up as a wireless access point (lan port).  Wireless works great but I can't get the guest network working w/ internet.  Is this possible when not set up in router mode? 


  • E1200 is going into a Linksys RV042 router (which seems to have a good amount of features, including multiple subnets)
  • RV042 goes to verizon dsl modem
  • Windows SBS 2008 handles DHCP.
  • also have a 25port switch


I tried messing around with DHCP scope in SBS 2008 as well as adding a subnet to the RV042 that matches the guest IP subnet.


If this current setup is not possible, would I be able to achieve a private wireless as well as a public wireless if I purchase a second WAP/Router?

Or can I somehow get the guest wireless to work in router mode (still connected through rv042) while still being able to see server files on private wireless?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: E1200, guest network when set as wireless access point

1. Not possible until the firmware of the E1200 supports bridge mode which supposedly does allow the guest network to allow the internet only and no private IP addresses.

2. It has nothing to do with router mode or gateway mode or NAT on/off.

3. DHCP scopes have nothing to do with that either.

4. A second WAP won't help you either until your RV042 supports VLANs which I think it doesn't.

5. The guest work only operates through the internet port (that's why it's the guest network and can't access the LAN side of the E1200). Whatever way you want to connect it to your E1200 the guest network can either access all your LAN resources (if connected through internet port) or won't work (if connected through LAN port).

Wait until they update the firmware and include bridge mode which seems to do what you need unless the RV042 supports VLANs. With VLANs you could at least get the E1200 separated from your main network, i.e. you could use it as guest access point (and as guest access point only).