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E1200 ip ranges as access point

I have a Cisco 880 (supplied by my company and as such I have little access to the control panel). I have a Linksys (Cisco) E1200 to use as an access point. Cisco setup (love it!) but the simple setup gives the E1200 an ip range starting at while the Cisco 880 range is I need to have all connections in the same ip rage ( for remote monitoring. What is the best way to accomplish this? Bridge mode (I don't need Guest Mode which I read is not possible in bridge mode)? Disable DHCP on the E1200? I've been roaming forums, but there still remains some confuson. Any guidance gratefully received.

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Re: E1200 ip ranges as access point


You have two configuration options for the setup you want. You can do LAN to LAN setup (Cascading) or Bridge Mode. Pretty much the 2 types of setup are the same. The only difference is that you need to manually configure everything on LAN to LAN setup.  It includes disabling the DHCP and manually setting up an IP for the E1200 (which is going to be the secondary router). Setting the router to Bridge Mode automatically disables router functions and sets the router as a plain switch/wireless access point.


For me, I will configure it using the Bridge Mode method. It is going to be a lot easier that way. Please click on the following links to know more about Cascading and Bridge Mode:


Cascading or Connecting a Linksys router to another router

Setting up your Linksys Wi-Fi or Smart Wi-Fi Router to Bridge Mode

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Re: E1200 ip ranges as access point

In bridge mode can I then plug other devices into my e1200 access point router?
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Re: E1200 ip ranges as access point

Hi!  Yes, you can plug in other devices to the E1200. It will act like a network switch/ wireless access point.