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E2000 - LED Colors???



I just hooked up an E2000 and got it all working pretty well.  One of the reasons I bought this particular model was so that I could add wireless N to my network but also to upgrade to Gigabit on my wired network.  The appropriate indicators on the front of the device all light up but one of them (for one of the wired ports) is green instead of the default blue.  I'm guessing that this indicates that the connection IS NOT a GB connection.  Am I correct in this assumption?




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Re: E2000 - LED Colors???

hi B-Billy


it says from this data sheet that the green LED light is an indicator that it is connected to a gigabit port and blue when connected to a 10/100 port.

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Re: E2000 - LED Colors???

What does the computer say to which the port is connected? The computer should tell you the connection speed it uses.