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E2000 problems

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Ughhhh.. I just want this router to work.

I already did the thing with the MTU where you find your max MTU then add 28.

I set it as 20mhz only on channel 11.

Beacon Interval 75
RTS and Fragmenting threshold to 2304

I've tried enabled and disabled UPnP.. I have to have it enabled for 360 and PS3..

I get  speeds. I have a 30mb/s down and 1mb/s up line... But I'm lucky to download at 800kb/s on sites that should be much higher... (that were the same day I got my new linksys router) PlayStation Network speeds are horrible and XBL speeds. shows 2mb/s down instead of the 25+ it shows with a router that doesn't.

Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-01-2011

Re: E2000 problems

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Also, I've done full power cycles.. everythng.

 The entire E series seems to be .. Just look around the forums...

I had my 13 year old Linksys router for 13 years... WORKED PERFECT... The day I got this.. nothing but problems.




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Re: E2000 problems

As you have tried all the settings on your Router and still you are facing the same problem, then i think you should reset your router and then re-configure all the settings on it from scratch. If that still doesn't solves your problem then try to re-flash the firmware on your Router and then check the speed on your computers.