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E2500 DHCP problem

Hi, I have purchased E2500 and i am having following problems:


1. DHCP client list not showing - only shows when i reboot the router. After some time, the list never shows even when i press refresh button

2. I can only reserve IP when i reboot the router - after some time i cannot do this action also


Support was not able to help me with this. I have upgraded to latest firmware and also peformed reset as directed by support.



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Re: E2500 DHCP problem


Linksys Router that you have got, i.e., E2500 should not behaving like this, as reviews for the same says something really good about this Router.....


Allthough the concern that you have got should have been sorted just after a firmware upgrade but as you have mentioned that you have already upgraded the firmware.....i believe resetting the router again and then re-installing it using the Cisco Cnnect v1.4 should sort this out....


To download the latest version for Cisco Connect just in case, log on to: