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E2500 blank icon in Windows 8 Network folder

I am using Windows 8 and my router is a Linksys E2500, in the Network folder it shows no icon and also I get a error when I right click the device and choose "Network Map" (from what I can tell this feature has been removed from Windows 8.) Both these problems are cause by an outdated Windows 7 driver on the Microsoft Update Catalog (I have Windows 8 configured to download updates/drivers automatically, that's why this installs)

The reason there is no icon is because of these entries in the driver INF (there is no longer a networkmap.dll in System32 folder of Windows 8)


HKCR,NetworkExplorerPlugins\VEN_0033&DEV_0008&REV_01\shell\"Network Map"\command,,0x00000000,"explorer.exe shell:::{E7DE9B1A-7533-4556-9484-B26FB486475E}"

HKLM,SOFTWARE\Classes\DeviceDisplayObject\HardwareId\UMB#VEN_0033&DEV_0008&REV_01\shell\"Network Map"\command,,0x00000000,"explorer.exe shell:::{E7DE9B1A-7533-4556-9484-B26FB486475E}"

HKLM,SOFTWARE\Classes\DeviceDisplayObject\HardwareId\UMB#VEN_0033&DEV_0008&REV_01\shell\"Network Map","DefaultAppliesTo",0x00000000,""

The icon and map feature work fine on Windows 7, I need help finding a updated driver for Windows 8 for my router. These are the hardare id's for the device:


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Re: E2500 blank icon in Windows 8 Network folder

 Are you referring to the network connections window with no icon on windows 8? I believe this has nothing to do with the E2500 router. If you just upgrade your computer from windows 7 to windows 8 operating, I suspect it has something to do with the upgrade not being successfully done or there might be some drivers that were not successfully re-installed. What you may do is to try to reformat the computer or re-install the OS upgrade.

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Re: E2500 blank icon in Windows 8 Network folder

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No not network connections, the Network folder where you see your router and the computers connected to your home network




The reason for the blank icon (in screenshot above) is because this Windows Vista/7 driver is downloaded from the Microsoft Update site and installed automatically for Windows 8, it points to a router icon in networkmap.dll resource #206 and Network map command explorer.exe shell:::{E7DE9B1A-7533-4556-9484-B26FB486475E} (error screenshot bellow.) This DLL and feature has been completely removed from Windows 8




The only fix is for either Cisco or Microsoft to update the driver for Windows 8, one that does not have the Network map shell extenshion command and points to the correct DLL with a router icon (like shell32.dll or one of those)


BTW I think the driver has something to do with UPnP

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Re: E2500 blank icon in Windows 8 Network folder

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Well I have a temporary working solution (until a new Windows 8 driver comes out.) This .reg file will correct the router icon by pointing to a icon in DDORes.dll (these icons are used for Devices and Printes,) it also removes the Network Map shell extension from the Network folder and from Devices and Printers "WWANDevice" icon


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Corrects blank router icon

; Removes "Network Map" shell extension from 'Network' explorer

; Removes "Network Map" shell extension from 'Devices and Printers' control panel

 Here is a preview of the icon (and you will also notice the Network Map shell extension does not show up in Network nor Devices and Printers anymore)





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Re: E2500 blank icon in Windows 8 Network folder

It's actually a permanent solution.
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Re: E2500 blank icon in Windows 8 Network folder

Also fixed the same problem for my EA2700.