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E3200 USB Drive not sharing with PS3

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Hi all.  Im having trouble with my E3200 and would appreciate some advice.  The router is working fine in all areas, with the exception that I cannot get my PS3 to detect the shared USB drive that is connected to the router.  The drive is detected /mapped on the connected Windows desktop, but files/folder/drive is not appearing on PS3.  The PS3 is connecting successfully to the router, as I have a strong internet connection.  I believed that the E3200 would be able to share the USB drive with my PS3 for media file streaming...but am I wrong?  Or have I not done something correctly in the settings?  Please help!



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Re: E3200 USB Drive not sharing with PS3

Well try the following steps:


1) Turn your PS3 on.

2) Disconnect your external usb drive.

3) Pull the power on the E3200.

4) Connect the external usb drive.

5) Plug the power back into the E3200.


Second, the PS3 should support necessary codecs in order to run media files.


Hope these steps will help you...

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Re: E3200 USB Drive not sharing with PS3

In addition to binky's advice, make sure the router's UPnP media server (advanced settings @192.168,1,1) is enabled and that you have selected what part of the drive you would like to share. Also make sure the media server option in the PS3's network tab is enabled.
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Re: E3200 USB Drive not sharing with PS3

I'm having the same problem, but with the E1550 which as almost the same exact set-up menus.

I set the share to be the entire partion of my Fat32 USB stick..

I did notice that I only have admin for the group, should I add a guest also? I didn't set up the guest accounts.


On my PS3 I click search for media servers and it shows none.


Any suggestions would be helpful as I just got this router, and now question if the USB port is actually usable for my PS3.