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E4200 WiFi Signal Changes

Can you tell me why my wifi signal fluctuates? I work from home and in the morning my pc wifi will show "excellent" as the day progresses.. (I'm at the same desk) but the signal drops to good. The router is on the same floor about 30 feet away in the next room. Does this have anything to do with my security settings? Should I use MAC filtering as well as WPA2? I'm using WPA2 Mixed. This is annoying and I drop my company VPN connection, so I'm forced to drag a cable 30 ft into that office.


This also happens with my internet TV. I'll be watching something and the signal will degrade to make the tv drop show.

What can I do to resolve this?


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Re: E4200 WiFi Signal Changes

just hope they offer a fix.   

please fix the E4200 media server in .02 firmware
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Re: E4200 WiFi Signal Changes

it could be your wireless signal that's dropping out or it could be your Internet connection. you could try verifying this first by connecting one computer straight to your modem and see if the connection still drops. if it does, it cold be a modem problem or probably your Internet source. if it does not drop the connection, then it's probably the wireless signal.