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E4200v2....not all devices listed on Smart-Wifi

I've noticed that my E4200v2 Smart-Wifi cloud doesn't show all the devices that are connected to my router.


To test, last night we turned on EVERYTHING....4 iPod Touches, 2 Xboxes, 1 Blu-ray player connected to Netflix, 1 Directv receiver, 4 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 iPhone,  and made sure all of them were connected to the Wi-fi and actually streaming/downloading/playing something.......the Smart-Wifi only recognized about half of them as being connected. I rebooted the router and it picked up a few more but never accounted for all  the devices connected.


If you can't account for all the devices connected to your network, setting-up up reliable Parental Controls is almost impossible.


Very disappointed and about ready to start looking for another brand of router. Sad, as I've been with Cisco/Linksys for over a decade and been very satisfied in the past.

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Re: E4200v2....not all devices listed on Smart-Wifi

It’s how they design the products like the model of your router.

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Re: E4200v2....not all devices listed on Smart-Wifi

I have the same issues with my E4200v2.  It will not pickup my ATA, though I gave it a static IP.  Also, if I rescan for device sometime it will show a certain device and other times not, though coneected.

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Re: E4200v2....not all devices listed on Smart-Wifi

What you can try is to add the MAC Address of that device on the DHCP Reservation List. Here's a link that I found here with a user posted a work around for a case with Multiple Devices on Device List and I am pretty sure that it will help with the current issue that you have: