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EA 6500 losing connection



Currently I have the ea 6500 and it seems to lose connection to my IPAD 3 often. I have setup the IPAD to connect to 5ghz connection and it will still lose connection. Is this an ongoing issue?  I also noticed that it signal stength isn't fully covering my home like my linksys wrt54g did. Is there a setting I should consider? I'm thinking of returning the router because of the issues

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Re: EA 6500 losing connection

Before you return the router, you might try considering changing the wireless settings. You've not indicated the wireless settings here but I suggest you make the ssid(network name) is not the default for both 5GHz and 2.4GHz so you'll not be confuse of which network you're connected. For the wireless channel (5GHz); channel width, 40MHz and channel to 48, (2.4GHz); channel width 20MHz, channel to 9. Another thing, for the wireless security choose wpa2 personal, wireless password if okay to be the same.