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EA4500 Help

I just got home from buying a linksys EA4500 Smart wifi router got home went to set it up it goes through the eassy set up until it gets to the page that says looking for networks gets to 4% then says its not fully installed  but the weird thing is my wifi works i just cant set up any passwords or anything and i need to do that pretty quick so if anyone can help me out 

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Re: EA4500 Help

You can access instead which will route you to the router’s setup page. It will prompt you for a username and password at first and you can admin in both fields. If you have the Setup screen after that, go to Wireless on the main tabs and set it to Manual for the Configuration View. You can change the wireless network name or SSID for both bands and then set the Security Mode to WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode for both and then you can use the same pass phrase or wireless password. Do not forget to save the settings after that.