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EA4500 Not Working

My EA4500 is not working. The power indicator light is on but the green and yellow lights on the Internet port are not flashing and the modem the EA4500 is connected to show no activity on that port. Also, the EA4500 is not broadcasting so I can't even connect to it to use Cisco Connect to troubleshoot. I tried resetting it but it did nothing. This has happened before but is usally fixed with a reset. Now nothing. It is only 3 months old. Any suggestions? 

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Re: EA4500 Not Working

Hi there. Was there an outage or anything like that? If you plug-in a computer to it, will the indicator light for ethernet flash or lit up? And if it does, will the computer get a valid ip address. Try the reset again on the device and try to plug it in to a different power oulet.

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Re: EA4500 Not Working

I have the same problem, its not responding at all... Tired to reset the router using the reset button and through web access...  but no luck reseting. There is no light flashing at the back... only the cisco light in one top is at a solid state... Can some one please help..

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Re: EA4500 Not Working

That might cause by loose cabling, broken port, defective Ethernet cable or broken port LED. You can isolate using loop back test, use another Ethernet cable if necessary. Hard reset the router.

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Re: EA4500 Not Working

check first if you are able to ping the router. if you're able to get ping responses, i suggest the you re-flash the firmware of the router. this should re-establish your connection to the router's interface.

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Re: EA4500 Not Working

I had the same issue. Intermittently this THING would just die. Only the Cisco logo light would be on. I had to unpower it for a time period (don't know how long, I just went away.) Mine was 6 months old. Fortunately I had an extended service. After a couple of hours - on the phone - Support agreed to send another (refurbished unit). This one was DEAD on ARRIVAL. After another couple of hours testing, they sent me a second (refurbished) unit. I got it yesterday. I am now waiting to see if this one lasts.

The reason I got the 4500 originally was to replace an 18 month old E3200 that had developed poor wireless connectivity/failure on an intermittent basis.

At present I am NOT pleased with the quality of this equipment. Bye the way did you see a news release that Cisco is selling the Linksys brand to Belkin?
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Re: EA4500 Not Working

If the same thing will happen with the replacement unit you have, try these following steps:

- Power on the router

- Push and hold the reset button for 30 seconds

- Still holding in the reset button, unplug the power cord but continue holding down the reset button for another 30 seconds.

- Without releasing the button, plug in the power cord and hold the reset button down for 30 seconds more.

- Once done with the reset, power off the router again and leave it off for about 15 seconds.

- Power it on and wait for the power light to blink TWICE

- Reboot the router again

- Wait for 2-5mins for the power light to get solid

- Then check if you can ping the router

- Once you get replies, check if you are able to access the router page and you may proceed with the upgrade.


This link will give you info about Belkin’s venture with Linksys: Customer FAQs: Linksys joins Belkin.

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Re: EA4500 Not Working

So the router is dead now... nothing to fix?? I would be really disappointed if this the case only had the router for 4 months max!

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Re: EA4500 Not Working


If the router is not responding after doing so much isolation like a manual reset by holding the reset button, not getting a valid IP Address from it,  power adapter is correct, lights are not turning on even if there's something plugged in to it.  And of course if internet works okay from the computer straight connected to the modem then yes, the router is deemed not working so better to have it replace or get a new one.

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Re: EA4500 Not Working

Seems my EA4500 only works when it wants to and then it will still have issues if I reset it again once I get the ability to get back into it.  Typically, if it hangs up I would reset power to it.  Usually I would have to wait 30 minutes in order to get it to restart itself since I could no longer could access it via the web,  I was running the non cisco cloud firware version.  Since its been acting up lately I was able to get back into it and update the firmware to the latest version  but once the it reboots Im stuck.  The Cisco light stays on solid and I can no longer get back into the router.  If I recycle the router several times (and I mean a lot) I might just get lucky and it responds back.  


However, this router does not want to work consistantly.  Since its now out of warranty I suspect that I can no longer get this fixed without spending something to get that done.  Based on all these common issues I suspect that these are a bad batch of routers and proibably should have been recalled.  Maybe they have and I missed something but at this point I dont trust this router which seems to have been working ok since a year ago last April.