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EA4500 Port Forwarding

Hi, I have set up a few port forwarding rules to a server behind this router/firewall. These are: UDP 69, 20000-23000 and TCP 3998, 6801, 6802, 6880. All are port forwarding correctly apart from UDP port 69. Is there any reason why the router would block this port foward? It seems to be an option (TFTP) when doing single port forwarding rules! I'm using version which is the latest. Before this it was on and didn't work either (that's why I updated)



Any ideas?



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Re: EA4500 Port Forwarding

I think this is already the design of the firmware. You can see port 69 thru single port forwarding but manually forward it if you will be using port forwarding option.

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Re: EA4500 Port Forwarding

I guess you could try unchecking the automatic firmware update box and see if it will work. But port 69 might be off limits due to firmware.