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EA4500 & RE1000

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I have purchased a EA4500, (2) RE1000's and a WES610N for a client.  He has a very large 1 floor condo with seperated CAT5 connectiivity (in other words the place has two CAT5 home runs).  The location is a large U shape and the home runs are at the ends of each leg of the U and one of the legs is where the phone/DSL connect resides.  There is a need for a combination of wired and wireless connectivity throughout the location, so my thought was to bridge the wireless router (EA4500) to the DSL modem, place a bridged RE1000 part way down the same leg, place a repeater RE1000 on the other side and the WES610N at the home run on the other side.


However, before we get that far I have set this up in a mock environment to prove out the functionality.  First, everything is on the latest firmware.  I have setup the EA4500, with no problem and have disabled the 5GHz portion to assure there is not an issue with the RE1000's since they only can leverage the 2.4GHz.  I setup the RE1000 as a repeater and placed it about 100ft away, where I have 4 bars of signal strength from the EA4500.  They are using the identical SSID, however when I use a device close the the RE1000 I have nothing indicating it is using the RE1000.  Trace Route shows the traffic going directly through the EA4500 and any device I use near the RE1000 does not show up in the Wireless Client Table.  Something must be wrong, but I am not sure what.


Here is the WLAN Stats from the RE1000:



The Device List from the EA4500:



When using InSSIDer, I see both devices with the same SSID and when I move towards the RE1000, the signal strength does exactly what is expected.  But, it doesn't appear that the clients move to the RE1000.


Any ideas?

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Re: EA4500 & RE1000

The devices should automatically switch to the range extender’s network when you’re near it since the wireless network would be configured the same as the router’s wireless settings. You mentioned that using Traceroute it’s showing you that the device seems like still going directly to the EA4500. How close is your device to the extender when you did the traceroute?  


Additional info for the extender: RE1000 Frequently Asked Questions

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Re: EA4500 & RE1000

When I ran the TRACERT, the client was directly beside the RE1000.  Since my post I do see MAC addresses appearing Wireless Devices on the RE1000, but I still am not sure if the clients are traversing the RE1000.

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Re: EA4500 & RE1000

Since the RE1000 reflects the exact same settings that the router has (Network Mode, Network Name (SSID), Security Mode, Passphrase, and Channel) then definitely, the devices near the RE1000 are getting the connection from the RE1000. You can try possibly by unplugging the router to see if the devices are traversing the RE1000’s connection.