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EA6100 Wifi Issue

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So I recently bought an EA6100 for my girlfriends dorm, the EA6100 just so the connection is strong because the schools wifi is dropping like crazy.


Now its her fault why this happened but she knocked the power out and when it started back up the SSID for both 2.4 and 5Ghz both got erased from their full names (ie: example / example_5Ghz) to just '2'. 


This is the second time this happened, I had to have her power cycle the router to allow the internet access again even though the Mac connected just fine to the router. Then change the name back.


Anyone know why this happens? 

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Re: EA6100 Wifi Issue

it shouldn't do this. when you change the name look for an apply button and after doing that pull the power and see if it holds. if not then its defective and should be returned for another.

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