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EA6300 Wireless Signal Range

hi, after installed the EA6300 router, found that wireless signal range is not "excellent".


Just beside the router, the wireless signal of my Samsung S2 is full bar (4 bar), about 3 meter distance (no obstruction) dropped to 3 bar, about 10 meter distance (1 wall block in between) dropped to 1 to 2 bar. Same as my Vostro 3300 laptop.


I did updated to latest firmware, disabled the 5Ghz network, changed the 2.4Ghz to 20Mhz only channel width, changed to other channel too (my neighbour is using channel 1), the wireless signal range is still the same.


Did I miss any setup steps? Or is it factory fault? Before that I bought EA4500, faced the same problem, hence I exchanged to EA6300, but still the same problem.


Nornally the EA6300 router wireless signal range can reach how far?



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Re: EA6300 Wireless Signal Range

Since you've already tried two different routers and experienced the same problem, this could have something to do with your network setup. Where is the device located? It is recommended to place the router in an elevated area so it can go around physical obstructions. You can get the most out of your new router by using the 5GHz network. I suggest you get a wireless AC adapter for your laptop to make use of this. As for the 2.4GHz network, use this tool: inSSIDer. Channels other than 1 may also be crowded. This should help you decide on what channel is best to use for your network.