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EA6500 and CISCO Cloud Connect

This issue seems to happen about once every week or so.  I get the router settings all configured and I'm able to access it from Cloud Connect and from the APP on my smartphone.  After about a week, it's no longer accessible from cloudconnect, I can access it from my smartphone, but it shows that there are no devices connected (when they are actually connected).  The screen for cloudconnect will come up after I sign in, but it just has the circling dots in the center of the screen saying "waiting" and it will do this until I close out explorer.  The only way I've found to resolve this is to reset the router and set everything from scratch.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Re: EA6500 and CISCO Cloud Connect


Check on the firmware on the router and update it. Reset the router manually through the reset button then reconfigure it,

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Re: EA6500 and CISCO Cloud Connect

I've had my EA6500 for about three weeks.  Having read most of the threads on this forum regarding the EA6500 before I purchased it, I don't use Cloud Connect but login locally.  I haven't had a problem yet.  Yes, Cloud Connect would be nice if it worked without problems but I don't need the headaches.


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Re: EA6500 and CISCO Cloud Connect

If you just use the local login, you shouldn't experience any problems with the "waiting" or the GUI lockout.

It's a bug that's been reported over 100 times on this forum in numerous threads.

Several regular forum members don't acknowledge the bug even though they have posted in numerous bug threads about this issue.....which I find incredulous. I have to believe they are probably being paid by Cisco/Linksys to prevent returns and do damage control.
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Re: EA6500 and CISCO Cloud Connect

I'm giving it a try.  Thanks.