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Hello, I seen a EA6500 up on ebay for a good price. I want to use it to connect to my modem router wirelessly and provide internet to an ethernet device wirelessly is this possible?

What is this called btw bridging, access point, range extending. I want to basically connect ethernet to wireless Router to wireless router modem. The EA6500 as the secondary

I want to make my device wireless ac compatible and running ethernet to the main router is not an option as the device is in the loft.
Whats my best option?
Ita either this or D link dir 865l
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Re: EA6500

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Hi Sarmi786. The Linksys EA6500 router doesn't have an option for wireless bridge or range extender configuration. A wireless bridge receives a signal from your wireless router and sends it out to wired devices, thereby extending your wireless network. A wireless range extender extends your Wi-Fi signal and reduce dead zones.


If you want to extend your network and connect a wired device at the same time, I would suggest that you add a wireless extender. The new version of Linksys extenders have a wireless bridge feature. Here are some networking devices that you can also check out and might help you achieve the kind of setup you want:






In case you want to use the Linksys EX6500 in extending your network and connecting a wired devices to it, you may proceed on cascading it with your existing wireless router.