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EA7500 - Prental control



I'd like to know if there's a way to protect my router from a program like "Technitium MAC Address Changer"


My son is wired to my router (not wifi) and is spoofing is mac address... the problem is in the control parental list, the machine name appear many times and I don't know which one is the good one, it also create an internal error when I try to save new settings. I have to hard reset the router.


I know I could punish him and remove the application from his computer to fix my problem but I'd prefer to block him by using better security, if it's possible on that router.


Any idea how I could do it?



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Re: EA7500 - Prental control

Hi @yves31. Need not to worry regarding this as your Router is already a firewall in itself. However, to be much more secured over attacks you may have to do some changes on your Administrative Credentials like changing your password and username and also your SSID. 

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Re: EA7500 - Prental control

Thanks for your info.... but the computer is connected wired on my router.