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Factory default ip address

I do not have the username or password for my wireless router.
I'm guessing that my only option is the reset the router by pressing and holding the reset button.  If there are other options, let me know.
What should I expect when it goes to factory defaults?  Is there a universal ip address that is always used?  Is there a universal password?
Currently the ip address is  Will that remain the same, or will it change?
From what I have read on other posts, the password should change to "admin".  Is this correct?
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Re: Factory default ip address

Your IP address will remain the same.  You will have to leave the username blank and use admin as your password.  You will have to reconfigure your wireless settings and security.  If you used PPPoE to connect to the Internet you will have to reset it to match your ISP settings.
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Re: Factory default ip address

Well keep the username blank & put in the password as admin & you will be able to resolve your issue.