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Filter Anonymous Internet Requests

OK so I visit these forums allot And I see This most of the time  uncheck Block anonymous internet request. Now what does that mean and what does it do? I mainly hear this on forums that have to do with Getting the fastest speeds out of your xbox or something gaming. Will that speed up your connection or? And wouldn't it be smart to just leave it checked so your router is safe. Sorry if this is random and does not have any logic once so ever I am just tired and been wondering about this a lot. Thanks again Linksys community! 
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Re: Filter Anonymous Internet Requests

"Block anonymous internet request" blocks ping requests from computers in the internet to the router. Usually a ping requests is sent and the receiver responds with a ping echo. This is a way to find out that your router is still alive. Unfortunately, many people believe it would make their router/network more secure if the router would not respond to this requests (which is when the option is enabled). However, many applications somehow depend on a ping to maintain a connection and for troubleshooting a connection. It won't make your gaming faster but more reliable. Some network games won't even work if you block those ping requests. Thus don't block pings, i.e. leave the option unchecked. That's better, more reliable and won't do a thing to your network security.