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Firmware update cause of problem?


I did a firmware update a couple of days ago for my WRT54G2 router and had no problems with the update process.

All of my devices that use the WIFI signal from this router are working properly except for one.

The device that isn't working like it was prior to the firmware update, is my month old Canon wireless/cloud ready printer.


Prior to the update, I could send jobs to the printer using my Galaxy Tablet but now, the printer status is shown as being constantly offline on the tablet.

I've used the refresh printer option a couple of times on the tablet, uninstalled and reinstalled both Google cloud print and another version of cloud print on the tablet, rebooted the tablet and printer a couple of times but, the printer still won't appear online when using the tablet.

The printer use to appear offline on the tablet after a couple of days of non use due to what I assumed was a dropped wifi connection but, all I had to do was turn the printer off and on and then it would appear online again on the tablet and it would print the jobs sent to it from the tablet.

It was suggested to me by a Canon customer service rep to do the router firmware update because he suspected that the router firmware update was needed to fix the dropped wifi signal problem.


What I'm wondering is, is it possible that the router might be the issue?

The strange thing is, i'm able to send print jobs to the printer using my desktop computer that is connected to my home network by a usb wireless adaptor. The printer will print the jobs sent to it from the desktop computer.


I was talking to a Canon rep earlier tonight and I thought that we had the problem fixed.

He had me make some changes to some of the printer settings and  we were able to print off some print test pages.

He assigned a static IP address to the printer.

It wasn't until later on that when I went to use the tablet, that I realized that the problem wasn't fixed.

My mistake was not using the tablet to print off the test pages when dealing with the Canon rep.

I used my desktop.

I just assumed any changes made to the printer settings, would be picked up by the tablet but now, the tablet can't seem to detect the printer even after I reversed the IP address settings

.I'm going to call Canon again to see if they have a solution to the problem but, I just wanted to get some thoughts from people here as to if they think the router is the issue or not.

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Re: Firmware update cause of problem?

Check the wireless connection with your devices that are using the internet connection. Are you experiencing any drop with the connection? How's the internet speed? Any problems with it? If there's none, then do not worry about the router it is working as expected. If the problem is isolated with the tablet and the printer, then concentrate on those two. If other computers can communicate with each other in the network, then there is no problem with the router.

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Re: Firmware update cause of problem?

After a 45 minute phone session with a Canon customer service rep last night, the tablet is showing the printer as being online.

Hopefully the issue has been fixed.

If the printer doesn't go offline within the next day or two, then that would be a good indication but, I'm not convinced at this point that the steps the Canon rep had me do, addressed the original problem of the printer dropping it's connection to the router after a day or two.

He's going to check to see if there is a compatibility issue with the cloud print app i'm using and he's going to call me back with his findings.

At least it appears that the router is not an issue.

Thanks for the explanation and reply.