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Firmware update


I'm trying to do a manual firmware update for my Linksys WRT54G2 router using the instructions provided by Linksys support.

Based on the instructions and videos that are provided, the firmware update version that I downloaded, should contain either a .bin or .bix file extension.

There are no file extension like that in the zip folder that was downloaded.


I downloaded the firmware update for version 1, that matches my router model.

The file size is 104MB


I opened the zip file folder and still don't see any files with either .bin or .bix.

This is what the zip folder's default name is.


When I open the folder, this is what it contains.

A set up folder, a start folder, a .DS_store file extension, autorun and manual.


According to the Linksys instructions, when I do the firmware upgrade when I'm accessing my router, I need to pick the .bin file that should be part of the firmware update download.


Can anyone explain what I might be doing wrong as to why I'm not getting a .bin or .bix file extension included in the firmware update download?

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Re: Firmware update

Looks like you downloaded the setup wizard for PC.

Firmware update for WRT54G2 is only 1.71MB




Ver.1.0.04 (Build 5)


1.71 MB


Release Notes


From :

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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Re: Firmware update

You're right.


When I saw XP, Vista setup wizard at the bottom of the page, I automatically thought that's what I needed as I use XP as a OS.

I completely overlooked what was at the top of the page for what I actually needed!


I used your download link and now have what I need.


If I missed something that simple, makes me wonder if I should go ahead with the update!

I'll give it a go anyway.


Thanks for the help and quick reply.