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Guest Account

Is a Guess Account really needed?

Through it is good if you have visitors to your home/office and you don't want to give out your password you can use the Guest Account. But now if your home or office is small enough you can now just press the button on the router to give instant access without giving out your password.


Other advantages of a Guest account is that there is no access to your network, cannot file share or they cannot print on your network. Or this can be a disadvantage.


Anyone want to comment on this issue, or just leave it alone.



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Re: Guest Account

One of the unique features of Cisco Connect is the ability to create a Guest network automatically to ensure security on your local network.

The guest network is different from your private wireless network.  This is very convenient especially if you always have guests in your home who would like to access the Internet. When guests connect to the Guest network, they can connect to the Internet but will not have access to computers and devices which are connected to your Valet or Linksys Wireless-N Router.  The Guest network is a virtual network within  your private network. The guest will need the password to the network if they want to access the Internet.