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Help Linking two WRT54GR

Hi All,
I have a cable dsl line and a WRT54GR router with rangebooster all working fine.
I have routed a RJ45 cable into my workshop and have also optained another WRT54GR which I would like to link togeather. Can any one help as I have tried and have had no luck.
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Re: Help Linking two WRT54GR

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You connect a computer to the second WRT. Nothing else. Turn on the WRT, boot the computer. Go to . Configure the LAN IP address to (the address must be in the LAN of your first WRT and must not be inside the DHCP server range). Turn off the DHCP server. Save the setting.

Unplug the computer. Now connect the cable from the first router into a LAN port of the second WRT. Do not use the internet/WAN port!

See here for details.

I guess you also want a roaming network, i.e. you want to be able to move your wireless clients between both routers without loosing connection. For this, both routers must have identical SSID and wireless security settings. The channels should be different and non-overlapping. Select channels 1, 6 or 11.

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