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Help! Sony S560 Bluray + WRT54G router

Hello - I just bought the Sony S560 Bluray player and is connecting wirelessly (with the built-in WiFi) to my old Linksys WRT54GS router on my home network.  I used Sony's automatic setup (picking my access point using my SSID, automatic IP address/subnet, WEP 129-bit passkey, and no proxy).  The player reports the network connection to be successful - it seems to be working as it also downloaded the latest bluray software/firmware as soon as the connection was established.


Now, I am trying to set up the DLNA network to stream photos.  On my PC (connected via wire to the WRT54GS), I cannot see the bluray player anywhere under "My Network Places" (I am running XP).  For example, when I turn on one of my laptops in the house, I can see the laptop appear under "Workgroup" when it connects to the router.  But even when the Sony bluray player connect to the router, I cannot see this device anywhere on my PC.


On the player, the Network Connection diagnostic is reported successfu.  But on the Connection Server diagnostic (when it tries to find a DLNA server), the bluray player reports an error - it says it cannot find the server and suggested I check all my firewall settings.


I have gone into the router admin page and turned off the hardware firewall (no change).  I also ensured that the checkbox for uPNP devices is checked.  My DLNA server is on my desktop (via XMBC software) computer (under "Entire Network"\Microsoft Windows Network\Workgroup\Desktop").  This is the same network place that my laptops appear as well when they are connected to my home network.  My questions:


1) Why doesn't my PC see the Blurray device, even though the internet connection to the player seems to be working?

2) I know my Bluray player can connect to the internet - so is it really the firewall settings that is preventing the player to see my DLNA server on my PC?

3) I've been reading that some needed to buy a "wireless gaming adapter" to stream from PS3, Xbox etc... do I have to buy this adapter to stream photos from my PC onto my Bluray player?


Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!!


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Re: Help! Sony S560 Bluray + WRT54G router

Normally it is because of UPnP..As the UPnP is already enabled on the router,I would suggest you to try upgrading the router's firmware,reset the router for 30 seconds after upgrading and reconfigure the router from scratch.