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Help w/ connecting gaming device

I just got the Darth Vader PSP for christmas, and i wanted to connect it to the internet. I have a linksys router, I set the G/B mode thing to mixed, confirmed the WPA key, checked that i had selected WPA as the security, and even called the linksys people, and they gave me a whole bunch of info. I tried it and nothing worked. this is exactly what happens :
1 I select "Network Settings"
2 I select "infrastrusture mode"
3 I select my linksys router connection
4 Under "wlan settings" i select "Scan"
5 within 2 sec. the connection is found w/ a 100% signal strength, i select it
6 I confirm the settings and save.
7 I test connecion
8 it says "connecting to access point" and "Exchanging key information" about 15 times each
9 finaly it says " a connection error has occured, The key information exchange timed out"
please help me.
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Re: Help w/ connecting gaming device

Check on PSP that the settings you are configuring are exactly the same as in the wireless router ....