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How Do I Connect E3000 With Fios?

I just switched from cablevision to Verizon FioS and even though they give you a "free" wireless router I would prefer to use my Cisco E3000. The FioS wireless doesn't have the range that my E3000 has and that is very important to me.


So, I would like to know how to set up my E3000 to at least be able to use the E3000 for my wireless connections. I would however also like to know if it's possible to use the E3000 as my wired router also once it's set up or does it make more sense to just use the FioS router for my wired connections?

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Re: How Do I Connect E3000 With Fios?

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Your setup will depend on whether you have ethernet coming in from the ONT or whether you have COAX coming in.  You probably cannot get rid of the Verizon router completely because it is required for FIOS TV.


This is the setup I have, where my E3000 is the primary router and the WAN of the Actiontec is connected to a LAN port on the E3000.  They have to be on different subnets, so you may have to assign a different network for E3000 (e.g.,


Another option (EASY) is to connect the WAN of the E3000 to a LAN on the existing Actiontec.  Again, you need to assign to the E3000 in the Linksys GUI.  You may want to turn off the wireless on the Actiontec.  So in this alternative option, your Actiontec will be a primary router and the E3000 will be your secondary router.


I prefer the first option with E3000 as a primary router.