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How To Change EA3500's Guest Network Name ?

Hi all, 

I have just bought the EA3500 3 days ago.


Also, I have been trying to find the way to rename the Guest Network to something without the -guest prefix.


I found this article, but the instruction given was totally different:


Does anyone know how to rename it ?


P/s: When there will be a firmware that have a guest access on 5 Ghz band ?



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Re: How To Change EA3500's Guest Network Name ?

i'm afraid there's no way around the naming convention. it's always MAIN NETWORK NAME- GUEST. only the main network's SSID may be modified. check out this link for more info about the guest network: Guest Network FAQs.


as for guest access on 5GHz, that remains to be seen. maybe when there are more devices using 802.11 a/g/n adapters it'll be rolled out.