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How To Check Whos Using My Wireless Network??

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I just want to be sure no-one is using my wireless network.. I know I made a password to get acess to it but, is their a way to check if its working?


Plus, when I went under network settings


I found a thing called residental gateway device.. don't really remember seeing it but, when I go into it, it shows a thing called teredo.. and it has a different ip than my router.. any idea what it could be?


would disabling   Wireless SSID Broadcast  fix this?  by making it not visible by anyone but, me?

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Re: How To Check Whos Using My Wireless Network??

If you are using WPA or WPA2 and a strong password, no one is on your wireless network except you.  Anyone who has the skills, computer power, time, and determination to break into such a system is busy breaking into banks, not your home router.   So stop worrying about it.


You can verify that your router is using WPA or WPA2, and your password by:

1)  logging into your router at and going to the wireless section, and verifying that WPA or WPA2 encryption is selected, and that your password is entered.

2)  You can further verify that the router is working by connecting to it wirelessly using the password.

3)  You can verify that you have connected to your own router by first getting a wireless Internet connect, then unplug your router and verify that the Internet connection is suddenly not working.


"teredo tunneling" is a way of passing IPv6 info thourgh an IPv4 router.  Do not worry about this.


Do not set "SSID Broadcast" to "disabled".  With modern hacking methods, this old security trick is now worthless.  Additionally many wireless adapters have trouble connecting to routers that are not broadcasting their SSID, so it might cause you network problems.   If you are using WPA or WPA2 and a strong password, who cares if someone can see your SSID?   Without your password, they cannot connect wirelessly to your router.


By strong password, I mean at least 24 random characters including capital letters, small letters, and digits.  Although I recommend 24, even 12 is nearly impossible to crack.





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Re: How To Check Whos Using My Wireless Network?