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How do I delete a network and start over with no wired computers??

I've been trying forever to delete my parents has a WEP I can't remember, and I just want to start from scratch.  I've tried reseting the router...I've even called a Linksys tech, and even she was baffled.  I have no wired computers...Can anyone help???
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Re: How do I delete a network and start over with no wired computers??

The only thing you can't do is upgrade the firmware.
That being said ... I have to assume you are using Windows XP and windows is managing the wireless network connections.

If any of these assumptions are false, my advice may not be as helpful.
Step 1. Delete all networks from the Preferred Networks list.
- open the wireless network connections window (double-click on icon in task bar)
- click on Advanced tab (bottom left)
- select each network that is shown and delete/remove it (can't remember what the button is called)
Step 2. Reset the router.
- unplugging the router does not accomplish anything here
- locate the reset button ... press AND hold for at least 5 seconds
- once you release the button, various lights on the front panel will flash as the router boots
- when you have a steady green for power, look to see if you have a green light for WLAN
- if the wireless is turned OFF by default (no green light for WLAN) you will have to find a way connect wired for at least a few minutes to turn it on (take it to a friends, bring the friend to it ... whatever works)
Step 3. Setup the router for secure wireless.
- if the WLAN is lit after resetting, you should see a notification on the computer saying "one or more wireless networks are in range"
- click on that notification and find an unsecured network called linksys (if there is more then one, pick the one with the highest signal strength)
- once you connect to that, open Internet Explorer and in the address bar type
- the user name is left blank and the password is admin
- change the password (under the Administration tab)
- under the Wireless tab change the SSID name
- under the Wireless Security tab choose WPA-shared key (better the WEP) and a phrase
- once you apply the changes you will lose your connection
- go back into the wireless network connections window and you should now see a secured network with the name you picked
- try to connect to it, a dialog will appear asking for encryption type (WPA-shared key) and phrase
- once you have successfully connected windows will automatically set up that network as default and connect to it whenever it is in range.
Let me know if any of this is ?!?
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Re: How do I delete a network and start over with no wired computers??

Thank you so much, Dan...I'm going to try it right now!! The only thing that's different, is one of my computers is an imac...but I don't think that will be a problem. Do I need to delete the networks out of each individual computer?? Thank you so much for your time!! You've helped me so much!!!
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Re: How do I delete a network and start over with no wired computers??

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for your help!!  I never would have figured it out!  We have 5 wireless computers in the house, and it's crazy.  The network we couldn't remember the password to was zapping the strength from any other we tried to create.  It was a mess!!  Thanks to you, all is now running great!  Have a wonderful day!