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How do I get my router to work with my new modem?

Since the mods deleted my other post, so no one could see it and think anything bad about linksys's customer service, I will just have to ask a dumb noob question. I am not an IT professional, I am just a regular, non-technical kind of guy. I tried to follow the little guides that they have here, but they leave out too many steps for someone like me, who never does this kind of thing. Or at least, I have to assume that it does, cause it still does not work after I have tried the guide to my router, several times. I have to say that I am at my wits end with this stuff, since my whole home network is down. My router is a WRT54GS V7. But in an attempt to solve my problem, I updated to the latest firmware. My modem is a Motorola 2210-02. My ISP is AT&T. I have tried to get help from them, they do not care. I had to buy a new modem cause their other siemens speedstream 4100B died. So can anyone tell me, step by step, what to do to make my home network up and running again? Sorry about the rant, and the clear frustration, but I can not get any help from anywhere. So this is my last resort.
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Re: How do I get my router to work with my new modem?

See my posts at this URL.  Your router will be setup the same at in this example.


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Re: How do I get my router to work with my new modem?

As your ISP is an DSL Provider, to configure your Router with the DSL Provider there are certain rules which you need to follow to configure your router to work with the DSL Provider..


Connect the Modem to the Linksys router on the Internet Port and then connect your computer to the Router on the LAN Port 1. Login to the Router setup and below you need to change the "Local IP address", By default its so you need to change it to and click on Save Settings.... 


Once you are done with the settings, you need to power cycle your network. Unplug the power from the Router and Modem, wait for 30 sec and then plug the power to the Modem first and when all the lights are solid on your modem then plug the power to the Linksys router.. 


Now check if you are Online from your Wired Computer.