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How does DMZ work

the DMZ config part of the router confuses me. The e3000 prompts for the IP address of the system to be
exposed to the internet. That IP has to be within the router's world:192.168.1 xxx . What I don't follow is does that exposed system now receive all the traffic that normally goes to the router?  If the IP
address of the router is, will port 80 traffic to that IP address now be directed to port 80 on the single PC in the DMZ?



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Re: How does DMZ work

My basic understanding as that you can assign 1 machine to be the DMZ server on your ADSL/Modem/Router.This means that all incoming port requests get assigned to that machine.


For example :
Here,all incoming requests for any port go directly to


A DMZ is far easier to set up than port forwarding but exposes your entire computer to the Internet. Sometimes TCP/IP applications require very specialized IP configurations that are difficult to set up or are not supported by your router. In this case, placing your computer in the DMZ is the only way to get the application working. Placing a computer in the DMZ should be considered ‘temporary’ because your firewall is no longer able to provide any security to it.


I would suggest you to do port forwarding instead of DMZ if you know the port no.