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How to Change Security Settings on an Existing Wireless Network

I'd like to change existing network security settings to WPA2, AES or at least to from TKIP to AES.


I'm familiar with browser access to the router and with how to change the settings on the router.


My question is how to do this as painlessly as possible for the network.  Step by step would be niceSmiley Happy


I guess first I have to change the router settings using the computer running Easy Link Advisor?


Do I then have to disconnect/reconnect that computer?


Do I have to disconnect every other computer and then connect each one again with the updated settings?


Will the change in security settings affect my print server?  If so, do I have to set it up from scratch in ELA?


For the record, I have a WRT-300N and the print server is a 54g.


Anyone who reads this may also want to look into recent news.  May not be a big deal, but a vulnerability of WPA/TKIP has been identified.


Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.

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Re: How to Change Security Settings on an Existing Wireless Network

If you change the wireless security settings on the router it will affect all devices which connect wireless to the router. To change the settings, simply set up what you want on the web interface of the router. Save the settings. You don't need the link advisor for that. The direct access to the web interface of the router is enough and preferable.

All devices configured to connect to this network should ask if they cannot connect anymore. It kind of depends on what you had before. If you did not use WPA2 or WPA before they have to ask for the passphrase. If you have used WPA or WPA2 with the same passphrase they may not even ask for the passphrase. How it works in detail with a specific wireless device depends on the device and the software you use. Some devices may require you to remove the wireless network first from the list of "preferred networks" and then reconnect.

Check the manual of the print server how to reconfigure it for the new security settings. You should be able to reconfigure the print server through a web interface. It is probably best first to change the settings on the print server and then make the change on the router. Otherwise you may have a difficult time connecting to the print server to make the change. In addition, depending on how old the print server is it may not even support WPA2 and AES.
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Re: How to Change Security Settings on an Existing Wireless Network

Thanks for the advice.  I have been using WPA / TKIP and will go to either WPA2/AES or WPA/AES if I can.  You may be right about the print server though.  I'm trying (unsuccessfully - upgrade button greyed out) to upgrade its frimware first and to find out if WPA2 is supported, but its not obvious.  I appreciate the idea for doing the that print server first.  That may save a big hassle.
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Re: How to Change Security Settings on an Existing Wireless Network


Do I really need to set security for my wireless connection. I searched for available WiFi in my area prior to installing my  network and none were available. Does that matter?

The network never did function right from the start. My desktop is a Dell Inspiron 510n and is not wireless capable? So when I tried to add my HP mni 1000 it did not let me access the Internet.

So now I have an unsecured network. Am I vulnerable to attack?

Which leads me to my real question How do I change the security settings?

Oh yeah, my home computer crashed due to a program I downloaded, so I do not have access to it. i'm a mess....

Thanks,for any help