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How to Port Forward an EA3500 Router

Windows 7 64 bit  /  Linksys EA3500  /  (2) FosCam F18910W IP Camera’s


I just installed a new EA3500. (Should I have purchased  the 4500)?


I need to set up port forwarding to enable wireless use of the IP cams with my iPhone. I had this all set using my former router, but it died. Can you point me to a ‘step-by-step’ instruction on how to to port forward this Linksys EA3500?  Help appreciated.  IM

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Re: How to Port Forward an EA3500 Router

While we wait for other users to pitch in, heres a KB article you can read through.

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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Re: How to Port Forward an EA3500 Router

There's some pretty good videos on YouTube that show you how to setup cameras, ddns, and port forwarding tutorials.