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How to Update Dynamic DNS from Main Router but pass ports to Subnet on 2nd router

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Please pitch in your advice to the following:


I have my ip cameras on a sub-router (Linksys WRVS4400N) off a FIOS router (Actiontec MI424WR).


The Linksys pulls an IP from the FIOS DHCP as


I used to have this router update our host to get an alias ip to get in from the web to view the cameras, but of course, it updates as, and not the true WAN ip of (the FIOS router's WAN IP).


If I set the to update only from the FIOS router, it will, of course, not recognize any of the IP camera ports off the secondary router (
Is there a way to update the tru WAN to, but route incoming WAN+PORTS to the secondary modem so I can access my cameras from the web?

Or some other right way to do this?









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Re: How to Update Dynamic DNS from Main Router but pass ports to Subnet on 2nd router

1. Setup DynDNS on FIOS router. Only there it will work.

2. Configure port forwarding on FIOS router to WRVS WAN IP address Forward all ports required.

3. Configure the same port forwardings on WRVS to the destination IP addresses inside the WRVS LAN 192.168.3.*.

Other option: use only one router and turn the other into an access point/hardware switch, e.g.

a. leave the FIOS router as it is.
b. set the internet connection type of the WRVS to Automatic/DHCP.
c. set the local IP address of the WRVS to (where you have at the moment).
d. disable the DHCP server on the WRVS.
e. save the settings.
f. wire a numbered port of the WRVS to the FIOS.

Now you only have a single LAN. All Dyndns settings and port forwardings must be done on the FIOS and only there. The WRVS has nothing to do with these anymore.

Of course you can make a similar setup swapping both routers, i.e. connecting the WRVS directly to your modem and the FIOS connected to the WRVS. (if that is technically possible, i.e. the FIOS is not actually also your modem...)