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How to assign static ip via mac address on LINKSYS WRT54G2

? how do i assign an ip per mac address with this router? i can't seem to find the option and its becoming a real pain


on my buffalo router i can paste a mac address and assign and ip for each mac on my network

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Re: How to assign static ip via mac address on LINKSYS WRT54G2

The feature that you are looking for is called "DHCP reservation".  This feature is not available on the WRT54G2.  Several of the newer Linksys wireless n routers support this feature.


You can assign your computer a fixed (static) LAN IP address, however, you will need to do it manually.  Linksys has some very specific rules about assigning fixed LAN IP addresses.  Be sure to follow them carefully.


Rules for using fixed LAN IP addresses on Linksys routers:

With Linksys routers, a fixed (static) LAN IP addresses must be assigned in the device that is using the address. So you need to enter the fixed address in the computer or printer, not in the router.

When using a Linksys router, any fixed LAN IP address must be outside the DHCP server range (typically thru, and it cannot end in 0, 1, or 255.

Therefore any fixed LAN IP address would normally need to be in the range of thru or thru
assuming you are still using the default DHCP server range.

Also, in the computer, when you set up a static LAN IP address, you would need to set the "Subnet mask" to and the "Default Gateway" to and "DNS server" to

It is also important that no two devices on your network be set to the same static LAN IP address.