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How to configure Linksys E2000 router on Linux?

I'm a Linux user and just got a new Linksys E2000 router. I attached the router to the computer with the ethernet cable, and switched the router on, expecting it to work as DHCP server by default, so I could access routers configuration and set it up as needed. This however failed right away. Obviously the router didn't start DHCP, even after I reset with the reset button on the back. Now there is no way to accesss the router to configure it, since web interface path relies on router's DHCP function to access it through which is not working. What can be done to enable it?

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Re: How to configure Linksys E2000 router on Linux?

Cisco connect will not work on Linux. By default, DHCP is enabled on the router. Since you have already tried resetting the router, first please ensure that IP settings on your Linux machine is set to DHCP. If it is already set to DHCP then put a static IP on your Linux machine (192.168.1.x) and try to open the web interface of the router using the default IP Hope that should fix the issue. If it doesn't try changing the ethernet cable or try connecting the router to a different computer.

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Re: How to configure Linksys E2000 router on Linux?

I just went through this on a computer that dual boots Linux and XP.  I was getting the same failure as the OP as wouldn't acces the router.  I'd pressed the reset button and I'd tried manual and auto setup of the network.  I rebooted in XP and used the CD to setup successfully in XP.  There I saw that the reset button apparently had not reset the name and password a former owner of the E2000 had put in.  The other main problem though was that after rebooting into linux It was still failure till I let the DHCP server also assign the host name rather than leave the default name as localhost.localdomain.  Then it was recommended to restart the X environment so I just rebooted.  Now all is well.