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How to connect my xbox 360 through my linksys - WRT54G

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I do not understand why my xbox's built in wireless system does not find my linksys router (in order to play online via the internet) providing that other devices in my house such as laptops and phones do. Iv'e heard that these routers may be setup to block video games, however I already tried playing with some of my router settings on the internet. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me!



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Re: How to connect my xbox 360 through my linksys - WRT54G

If your Laptops are able to go online wirelessly and they are able to see your wireless network. First thing which you can check is the distance between your XBOX and Wireless Router. Try to reduce the distance between them.Login to the router setup page and check if the Wireless SSID is Enable, Try to change the wireless channel on your Router and check if your XBOX can view your wireless network.


Check if the Wireless Adapter is installed properly on your XBOX. Try to unplug the wireless adapter from your XBOX and replug it back and then search for the wireless network.