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How to create a VPN Tunnel with QuickVPN and the WRV200 Router.

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Ok everyone, I have the actual solution to the issue of not being able to create a VPN tunnel and access the network without turning off your windows firewall.

I found it disturbing that your "specialists" solution is to turn turn off your firewall to successfully create a "VPN" tunnel. Ummmm doesn't this defeat the purpose of a secure connection?
Anyway, for everyone else, here is how to do it.
In your Your router configuration:
#1. Basic Setup, you must set the MTU to manual and to 1492.
#2. In the Firewall - General Tab , DoS Prevention must be disabled, and everything else unchecked.
#3. Firewall - Port Forwarding and Triggering you do not need anything.
#4. Firewall - DMZ - Disabled. (unless of course you want a DMZ)
#5. VPV - VPN Client access, enter your users and passwords.
#6. VPN - VPN Passthrough - All Enabled.
#7. VPN - IPSec VPN - (Don't need a thing. The Quick VPN client automatically creates a tunnel for you.
Thats it for the router config. Make sure you save all your settings and Bakup your router config.
On you client PC:
#1. You must use the latest QuickVPN Client from linksys. At the time I am writing this it is Version 1.1.0 You can downlaod it from:
Note: You can also get the latest router firmware from the link above which is always a good idea to have.....
#2. You must install the Microsoft IPSec Windows Firewall patch. You can downlaod this from:
#3. Install QuickVPN, Run it, Make sure port is set to auto.
If you get a message that says Server's Certificate does not exist on your local computer. Do you want to quit this connection? Answer NO.
Once connected, you can now ping and access your internal network.
I hope this helps everyone! Happy VPN'ing!

(Edited post for guideline compliance. Thanks!)

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Re: How to create a VPN Tunnel with QuickVPN and the WRV200 Router.

Yes, that works.


But how about being able to connect WITHOUT a certificate when you click No to "Server's certificate does not exist..."


This is like a playschool VPN

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Re: How to create a VPN Tunnel with QuickVPN and the WRV200 Router.

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