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How to fix a borken wireless access point for E2500?

Hey everyone


I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a way to fix the error of your wireless router when it says. " Your wireless router or access point is broken". I never had a problem before until my City shut down the towers my internet company was renting. Got shut down because they couldnt pay their bill.. haha  Once towers were back up the access point on my wireless router is broken and my signal is all jacked up.. I had an E3200 router I thought that one was broken so i exchanged it for the E2500. And the access point is still broken. 

Please reply back if anyone knows if this is fixable.

Thank you!

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Re: How to fix a borken wireless access point for E2500?




Yes of course, there's always a solution for this.


What you can do, first check the internet on your computer connected straight to your modem (just going back with the basics). If it is, then you have to reconfigure the router. I suggest you do it manually this time. BTW, reset the router for 30sec. before setting it up.


Also, please know your type of internet connection and just click on either links provided to guide you.


Setting up a Linksys router with Cable Internet service:


Setting up a Linksys router for DSL Internet connection:

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Re: How to fix a broken wireless access point for E2500?

Ty for those links, however I have Broadband internet. So, I am not sure if those Cable/DSL links will help me.

My internet isnt satellite ( sp ) its radio waves/signal.

Also 2nd question to your reply ylime.. How does resetting my main modem help fix my broken wireless access point.

I have reset both routers who knows how many times. I have connection.. Crappy to say the least.. But never had a broken access point before.

I use to have the E3200 but thought something was wrong with that router as to why my access point was broken. So now i have the E 2500.. all modems reset.. New router was installed correctly.. But access point still "broken".

If you have any step by step instructions for an pc illeterate person can follow to fix it.. That would be a HUGE help..

Thank you


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Re: How to fix a broken wireless access point for E2500?

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I'm not sure how to answer this but which device says that the access point was broken. To configure this router the router let's go back to the basics. Connect the computer to the modem or to an ethernet cord that provides you with internet access(if you were not using a modem) then check if you are able to get online. Check the ip address that you computer will be getting. Check if that ip address is static, you will be able to find that it is static because if you will check your computer's local area connection then you will see there that there's an ip address assigned to it. Next is to access the router's ui then configure the router's internet settings. If the your ISP provided you a static ip address then you just set the router's internet connection type to static ip address and then enter the static ip settings, if the ip address from your ISP is not static then just follow ylime's intructions to install a router with cable internet connection.Once internet is working in your router then configure the router's wireless settings. Connect the computer to the wireless network and then check if the ip address that you will be getting is a valid ip address. If  it is valid then you should now be able to get online wirelessly.