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How to recover WRT 54GC wireless router folloiwing upgrade with a wrong firmware

A few days ago, I've tried to upgrade my small WRT54GC (release 1) router with the last firmware available on Linksys WRT 54GC support page.

Don't do that, the firmware you will get is a wrong one and have killed my router. Hard reset didn't workand web admin page was no more available (blank page)

This (old) router is no longer supported.


So router was ready for recycling....I was very sad... (snif, my first wireless router)


After reading some article in knowledge base, (see here) I've tried to reload the proper firmware (at least available on the CD provided with the router and I've kept it...) using TFTP

TFTP stand for Trivial File Transfert Protocol and is a very common protocol for firmware over the network upload purpose


A programm called TFTP.exe has been  available for download on Linksys web sever Here



This program allow to upload a firmware from a PC to a server (the wrt54gc router) under the following condition:

  • WRT54gc owns default IP adress so no other device should owns such address when you proceed to such upload
  • (your) PC (source) should have an IP adress at least



If you are using DHCP on your network (usually your home box run as DHCP and provides devices with such IP adress);


First proceed to an hard reset of your router (little hole in the bottom of the router and press 10 sec at least with a pin)


It is advisable to have access from your PC to your home network through Ethernet (RJ45 wired connection)


  • Configure your home box in order to get such adress (some parameter as DHCP IP range addess starting from
  • Reboot the PC to properly gain a new IP adress
  • Check with Ipconfig (on windows XP execute cmd "dos mode" windows and type ipconfig. you will see if you got the right adress) 
  • Unplug your PC from your home network and plug the rj45 on one of the yellow rj45 port of the router
  • On your pc launch tftp.
  • Type as a server address (routeur factory default adress)
  • Type the router factory default password "admin"
  • Choose the proper (language dependant) .img file available on your cd (upgrade directory)
  • You will see a progression bar of the download
  • A green spot will appear showing upload is successfull
  • Go to your browser and connect to
  • You get the invite box for password

You feel better and can wake up your wife saying you are the king of the world (low effect, unless you live with a very comprehensive woman or you've jsut came with some flower at home)


This method for gaining right IP adress on your PC should be perceive cumbersome and it should be more advisable to configure lan interface as static adressing but you may then experience disturbance when reconnecting to your home lan and static IP adressing approach may prevent you to switch quickly back and forth from your home network (to consult some internet paper) to the "wrt54gc network.


I don t know how to proceed with Apple Macintosh environment with tftp, but I believe ther are some tools as tftp;exe for mac. the only constraint is such tool should support password entry. tftp upload is secured with router default factory password (admin).


I hope this paper may help somebody or provide some idea for similar issue as a last chance recovery operation when a wrong or corrupted firmware has been uploaded.