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How to set private static ip in wan?

Need help to connect my wireless linksys WRT54G with my existing Aztech 600E modem/router.
Aztech lan ip: connected and works perfectly.
DHCP disabled.
The problem is I want to add wireless to my network so i purchase Linksys WRT54G.
Linksys lan ip :
DHCP enabled.
My idea is to use the aztech as the modem and connect the rest to the linksys as the main router.
When i tried to set the wan static ip(which is the internet ip on the basic setup area) it says that wan ip cannot be the same as lan ip.
(previously i could do it with dlink wireless router)
Question is how do it set the wan ip with a private ip?
Maybe my idea is wrong, any suggestions? How can I go about it?
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Re: How to set private static ip in wan?

Change the LAN IP of the router then try that static IP again. Use for the router.

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